Whether you're a ministry looking to start spiritual conversations on your campus, a school looking to present women's history in an engaging way, or a church looking to encourage your community, (or a jail - we do that too!), Still Small would be happy to come to you!

To book a show or a class or to ask questions, e-mail us at

Available Shows

The Diary of Perpetua

Based on one of the earliest known documents from a woman's hand, The Diary of Perpetua is the gripping journey of a young mother who had the courage to write her own story. A musical in 1 act; runs roughly 90 minutes. Available year-round.
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How I Met Our Father

Based on true stories collected by the original cast, How I Met Our Father is a comedy on coming to faith ... and staying there. 1 act; runs roughly 90 minutes. Available year-round.
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Watch the "God App" scene

Today, In This Town

Adapted from a medieval Christmas pageant that imagined Jesus' birth in their own English town, Today, In This Town is a quirky, touching retelling of the Christmas story in our own modern context. Runs roughly 30 minutes. Available for the Advent season.
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The Day Between

We all know the story of Easter morning, and the story of Good Friday, but what about the time in between? What do you do when everything you believed seems shattered? The Day Between focuses on the experience of the disciples on the day after the Crucifixion and before the Resurrection, using four actors to portray the seven characters. Runs roughly 20 minutes, and can be followed by a quiet time of music and reflection before the talkback. Available for the Lenten season.
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Encountering God Through Theatre

Actors have consistently mentioned how meaningful it is to work on Still Small shows, and we wanted to extend that opportunity to more people! This introductory course covers the basics of theatre as well as how theatre can be used to deepen our relationship with God. Available to book at your church, school, community center, or just with a group of friends!

    Quick Look:
  • consists of six 2-hour class sessions + a rehearsal and final performance
  • ends with a staged reading (performance with scripts in hand)
  • open to all ages
  • can be scheduled at convenience of group (once a week, twice a week, as a weekend retreat, etc.)
  • minimum class size: 6
  • $50 per person for entire course (reduced to $40/person for more than 10 people)
  • instructor's gas expenses are the only cost directly to the hosting venue

Other Workshops and Consultations

If you would like to schedule a one-time workshop or other training time with your church, school, or group, e-mail us at! We are happy to discuss your needs. (Topics can include acting, creative ways of seeking God, how to effectively read Scripture aloud, and more!)

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

There are two payment options: $250 with Still Small accepting donations at the door, or a $400 flat fee so you can offer it completely free or use it as a fundraiser for your own cause. (Costs for the Christmas and Easter shows are $150 or $300, respectively.) Mileage is added for venues farther than 100 mi from Beverly MA. Classes are $50 per participant for all 6 sessions.

Is it kid-appropriate?

It often depends on the child. Generally we recommend How I Met Our Father and The Diary of Perpetua for middle school and older, because they deal with some serious subjects such as substance abuse and persecution. Today, In This Town is great for pipsqueaks on up!

We don't have a stage – is that OK?

Yes! Our shows are designed to tour and to adapt to the spaces we have available. All you really need is an empty space the size of a living room or larger, and some chairs.

How do I schedule a performance?

Pick a date you want us there, and e-mail us at! We'll send you everything you need to promote the show in your community, including printable flyers, Facebook event links, and blurbs to be put into bulletins and websites.

Can you do it for a Sunday morning church service?

Yes! The Day Between and Today, In This Town both run between 20 and 30 minutes and can easily fit into a church service. Our other repertory plays are longer (about 90 minutes), and thus may be harder to fit into a service, but it all depends on the needs of your church.

How much advance notice do you need?

We ask that you book at least 1 month ahead so that you have time to advertise in your area and actors have time to adjust their schedules accordingly. You're welcome to schedule as far in advance as you like!