We're a touring group based in the Boston area -- but watch out, we get around!

What's Happening

Touring Shows:

Our two most popular shows are now available year-round!

How I Met Our Father (an unexpected comedy on coming to faith) and The Diary of Perpetua(a musical on the true story of an early martyr) are now officially in repertory ...Perpetua Logo
... meaning that if you want a performance of it, you can have it!
Check out Booking or e-mail us to discuss how we can partner with you to get a show to your area.

Watch "How I Met Our Father" Teaser

Watch "The Diary of Perpetua" Teaser

Why Theatre?

Ever wonder why we do this crazy thing in the first place? Come join our conversation about theatre, God, and why we so frequently end up wearing moustaches!
Watch Video 1
Watch Video 2
Watch Video 3

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