Meet the Troupies

Jasmine MyersJasmine Myers – CEO, co-founder, and piratical maid-of-all-work:

Jasmine has wanted to do this for over a decade and is so excited to actually be doing it! She is a writer, composer, director, actor, producer, stage manager, costumer, and llama farmer. But seriously, that's actually all true. She is grateful to be constantly learning God's goodness.
Her work can be viewed at

Ameeeeelia!Amelia Smith – executive team, vice-Jasmine:

Amelia was roped in by Eli originally and has quickly turned into a roper-in of others! We couldn't be more proud. She has also accidentally fooled a large percentage of MBTA travelers into thinking she had a real baby with her, while training for the title role in The Diary of Perpetua. She has directed several musicals with us, including Still Small's popular 2016 production of Godspell in Salem, MA and the 2017 premiere staged reading of Running, and is the director of our repertory production of the Christmas show Today, In This Town.

ELIIIIII!!!Eli Donis – co-founder

Eli Donis is a criminal mastermind who has broken into the largest bank in Venezuela and replaced all of the air conditioning units with gumball machines. Don't trust him.

Kenny SmithKenny Smith – executive team:

Kenny is Jasmine's little brother, not really, but kind of. He enjoys spelunking, composing, writing, trying to steal Jasmine's kitty which will never work because Bilbo likes her better, and adoring his wife Amelia. He was roped into Still Small's first production and has been around ever since!