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Upcoming Performances!

June 30, 10 am -- How I Met Our Father

Memorial United Methodist Church ~ 176 Somerset Ave, Taunton MA
A comedy based on true stories of coming to faith -- and staying there!
Donations Accepted; a portion of proceeds will benefit Amirah Boston to help survivors of human trafficking.

August 9-10, 16-17 -- The Prophet Project

East Baptist Church ~ 300 Western Ave, Lynn MA
Still Small returns to its roots with this revival of our very first show! Don't miss this piercing portrayal of the love of God, the wandering of humankind, and the difficult, beautiful call of the prophets. All evening shows are at 7 pm; Saturdays will additionall have a 3 pm matinee.
Auditions are also coming up! E-mail us at to reserve an audition appointment, or see our blog page for details!

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Our 2018-19 Season

The Diary of Perpetua - Available for booking

Amid unbelievable pressure, one young woman had the courage to write her own story.
When Vibia Perpetua was arrested for her faith, her prison diary became one of the earliest known documents to come from a woman's hand. Six actors switch seamlessly between the many roles in this modern-dress production of an ancient story that still rings true today.
This is a touring musical available year-round. We partner with local ministries to bring it to their areas; give us a holler to bring it to your church, school, or community center!
For booking information, click here, or contact us at
In March, an all-female cast production will be available to celebrate Women's History Month.
Click here to see the July 2018 performance at the C.S. Lewis Study Center!

How I Met Our Father - Available for booking

6 actors. Dozens of characters. And a few pigeons.
From Sunday School rebels to atheist-hippie-turned-seekers, these true stories explore the highs, the lows, and the hilarity coming to faith -- and staying there.
This is a touring show available year-round. We partner with local ministries to bring it to their areas; give us a holler to bring it to your nursing home, jail, or city square!
For booking information, click here, or contact us at

The Prophet Project - Summer 2019

Still Small goes back to its roots!
In 2013, Still Small received the Making a Difference In Christian Service Award from Gordon Conwell for work on our very first show, The Prophet Project. Now, 6 years later, it's time to revisit it! Drawing together elements of Greek Chorus, movement theatre, music, and more, The Prophet Project tells the love story of God and man through the words of the ancient Jewish prophets.

Audition Information:

You may sign up for an hour-long audition slot by e-mailing
Friday, June 7: 7-10 pm
Saturday, June 8: 10 am - 12 pm

Please dress in loose clothing in which you're comfortable moving. We ask that you prepare any passage of Old Testament prophetic literature (the books of Isaiah through Malachi), 5 verses or more long, to be delivered as a monologue; you may choose any English translation. Please also come ready to sing any song you're comfortable singing a capella that gives a good sense of your vocal type. We will also be doing various ensemble movement exercises and vocal range testing.
Script, schedule, and other details available here.

Today, In This Town - Available for Christmas Season booking

Our popular Christmas play (also known as "A Beverly Nativity Cycle") is now available every year! Based on a medieval Christmas pageant that imagined Jesus' birth in their own English town, this play brings the story into our own modern context -- pizza, stray cats and all!
This is a touring show available during the Christmas season. Give us a holler to bring it to your town!
For booking information, click here, or contact us at

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