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Berkeley Street Theatre, a new book on street theatre during the Jesus movement, devotes an entire chapter to Still Small in its discussion of modern grassroots theatre. Copies are available on Amazon Kindle and the Wipf and Stock website.

Still Small's production of Measure for Measure was used to raise awareness and funds to address domestic violence. Here are some helpful resources if you'd like to learn more.

Resource List

A Brief Introduction to Scriptural Arguments Against Abuse

Am I a Safe Christian?

Some people have asked for sheet music for "Send Up a Hallelujah" from The Diary of Perpetua so they can sing it with their church choirs. Here 'tis -- have fun!
Send Up A Hallelujah PDF

We'll be introducing the characters in The Diary of Perpetua over the next few weeks, along with pictures, thoughts from the actors, and probably a video here and there too! Also check for sneak peeks from the How I Met Our Father rehearsal process!
All this and more on our friendly neighborhood Still Small Facebook Page!

Whether you're a ministry looking to start spiritual conversations on your campus, a school looking to present women's history in an engaging way, or a church looking to encourage your community, (or a jail - we do that too!), Still Small would be happy to come to you!

Our two repertory shows are available year-round and can be brought to you for as little as $250; seasonal shows are available for a few weeks in the year and can be booked at no cost!

The Diary of Perpetua in Northfield

Still Small is partnering with the C.S. Lewis Study Center in Northfield MA for an exciting weekend of events this summer! In addition to hosting several performances of The Diary of Perpetua, the study center will also be teaming up with Voice of the Martyrs to offer a seminar on the historical and modern context of Perpetua's story.

Friday, July 20

7 pm: performance and talkback

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