About Still Small Theatre

Still Small Theatre Troupe was started in late 2012, and has performed a number of original works since that time. We perform one major show every summer and tour our repertory shows the rest of the year. Our first play, The Prophet Project, was recognized with the 2013 Making a Difference in Christian Service Award from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. We're based in Beverly, MA, but tour to pretty much anywhere people want us! (For more info on that, see Booking.)

Our shows are not specifically for Christian audiences; they're for anyone who wants to enjoy thought-provoking art. All of our performances are followed by a talkback in which the audience can discuss the show with the cast and crew (and sometimes the author!).

We work from a fairly minimalist aesthetic, partly for practical reasons (it's hard to tote a lot of set along with you for a touring show!) and partly because it keeps the focus on the actor and the performance, rather than on elaborate sets and decorations. It also helps us keep our costs low so that we can share donate from our proceeds to other charitable causes. A more detailed discussion of Still Small's work can be found in Berkeley Street Theatre, available on Amazon.

From the beginning we've been committed to ongoing learning, both spiritually and artistically, and we set aside time in rehearsal for prayer, acting exercises, study of the play's subject matter, delving into the Bible, and more. We are continually blessed by the wonderful companions of all ages, backgrounds, and gifts who end up joining us for this process!

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to help people hear again.

We believe that hearing things said in the same words time after time lulls people into deafness. The solution is not to shout the same words louder, but to find new ways to speak them. In this pursuit, we “translate” the heart of God into the heart language of our culture – entertainment – so that those who have heard it all before may learn to hear again, and those who have never heard may receive it in a way they can understand.

We are committed to:

  • producing high quality theatre with spiritual and/or social significance,
  • holding talkback sessions after every performance,
  • providing a spiritually and artistically enriching environment for our participants, and
  • highlighting other charitable missions at our events to raise awareness and, when possible, funds.

Working with Still Small

We are thoroughly dedicated to the learning process, and are always excited to work with new people! Folks who have been part of our shows in the past have cited the experience as one of the most powerful experiences of their spiritual lives. We also have an absurd amount of fun together! All experience levels are welcome. See Get Involved for more info!

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Why Theatre?

Ever wonder why we do this crazy thing in the first place? Come join our conversation about theatre, God, and why we so frequently end up wearing moustaches!
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